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Vanliga frågor

How Do I Get More Likes on Instagram From You?

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Is It a Safe Way to Get Many Likes on Instagram?

On our website, you get Instagram likes without providing your password or any other sensitive information. All we need from you is the link to your post and the number of likes you want to buy. All information in our system and on our website is protected by an SSL certificate. We have never known any of our customers to have their accounts suspended or posts removed due to the use of our services.

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

When it comes to measuring how well a post on Instagram performs, likes still dominate. Even though likes are one of the original metrics for determining whether content is doing well, it is still an important factor in most areas of business. Leaving a like on a post is easy, it only requires a simple click of a button from the visitor. Although Instagram has experimented with removing likes, they will always be there and at least counted internally and behind the scenes.

If an account receives few or many likes on its posts, it is one of the easiest ways to determine whether a profile is performing well or poorly on the platform. Whether the likes are visible or not, likes continue to be one of the strongest forms of engagement, telling algorithms how popular a post is and how much exposure it should receive. This of course leads to the question, how to get many likes on Instagram and what are the methods?

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To get as many likes as possible on your posts, you first and foremost need to ensure that the content you publish is of the highest possible quality. But in addition to producing good content, in the form of images or videos, you also need to make sure that you do it regularly. Once you have ensured that your content is as good as it can be, you can move on to focus on other strategies for getting likes on Instagram.

The Best Time to Post on Instagram for Likes

An important factor when it comes to getting as many likes as possible on your content is the time when you choose to publish your posts. But what time do you get the most likes on Instagram? The answer is that there is no universal time that is optimal for everyone. Each brand, profile or niche has its own conditions and target groups, which are all unique with their own behavioral patterns.

But while it may look a little different for everyone, there are still some patterns and skills that are useful to have in mind. Instagram tends to prioritize fresh new content, which means it can be beneficial to publish your posts when your followers are actually online on the platform. This means that if two posts that perform equally well are pitted against each other, the more recently published one will likely end up further up the feeds.

Some studies have been conducted and statistics analyzed, which have concluded that users are most likely to engage with a post in the middle of the day during work hours or in the middle of the week. This may not be surprising, given that people often take small breaks from work or study to scroll through their feed. What has also been observed is that posts published on weekends receive less engagement in the form of likes, comments or views. This may be because people are usually free and doing things in the real world, rather than being glued to social media.

Beyond these general tips, the only thing you can do is experiment, try things out and analyze the statistics on how well your posts perform. It is important to be clear about your goals when it comes to your marketing strategy on Instagram. Try publishing posts on different days and times of the day and evaluate how much engagement they attract.

How to Get Real Likes on Instagram?

It should come as no surprise that Instagram is one of today's most effective online marketing tools, given that the platform has a billion active users. Almost everyone follows a business on Instagram and the platform offers the highest level of interaction by far.

Whether you are a small business owner or run a large corporation, Instagram is and remains an important channel for reaching your target audience and presenting your products. But it also serves as a tool to increase your sales and interact with your audience. But simply registering on the platform and posting pictures is not enough to see results. To get more likes on Instagram, in addition to posting good content, you need to apply a series of strategies and take advantage of all the opportunities. Below you will find necessary steps and tips on how to get a lot of likes on Instagram.

Get Inspiration From Others

It's easy to get stuck in tunnel vision and run your own race. But to find new inspiration, it can be a good idea to broaden your horizons and find new refreshing industries or profiles to follow. That way, you can find tips or strategies to combine with and apply to your own business, picking the cherry from the cake, even if it's a niche that is far from your own.

Start a Competition

People like competitions and in fact, posts centered around competitions or giveaways are among the most engaging. The simpler you keep it, the more likes you will get. Make it clear that users have to like the post to participate, but you can of course combine this with them also having to become a follower or tag a friend. Liking a post is so simple that you will almost certainly get a lot of likes.

Use the Right Hashtags

Using the right hashtags increases the chances of your profile being more visible. But this doesn't mean that you necessarily benefit from filling every post with meaningless hashtags. Here, quality goes before quantity and a post with too many hashtags will perform worse than one with a few carefully selected ones. Do some research and also make sure to establish a hashtag for your business. There are now many different strategies when it comes to this area and many different tools for analyzing hashtags.

Tag Relevant Partners

As well as giving recognition to the creators, relevant tags to people related to your content can lead to more likes. For example, you could repost a customer's photo who posted about your product. Or if there is someone who contributed to your post, such as a designer or location, you should also make sure to tag that person or company. This way, you will increase the loyalty of your customers and get more engagement.

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Ask for Friend Tags

What usually happens when a visitor sees a funny post is that they want to share it with one or more friends. The easiest way to do this is by leaving a comment and tagging their friends. Therefore, it can be crucial to ask users to tag a friend in the post. This way, you will not only attract more visitors to the post, you will also be more likely to get likes and comments on Instagram.

User-Generated Content

An easy way to get more attention and likes is to take advantage of posts from other users that relate to your business. For example, you can get your followers to publish posts including your own products combined with and a tag that generates traffic back to you. But in addition to a tag directly to your profile, you can also use a hashtag related to your business. This way you can get more likes on Instagram, but it also helps you build a stronger community with your audience.

Location Tags

If you run a local shop, or work in travel or retail in general, it can always be beneficial to tag a location. Many hungry Instagram users also use the platform to find exciting new restaurants or bars. Tagging a location is incredibly easy and should always be done if it benefits your business. It's an easy way to get more likes on Instagram organically using the location tag.

Put Energy Into the Caption

While most people are aware that creating high-quality content is crucial on Instagram, some tend to neglect the captions. Just because Instagram is primarily a visual platform, there is no reason not to capitalize on the text you write. In fact, a caption can be just as interesting as the image itself, and if done right, it can contribute to even more likes on your posts. Work on finding the right writing style and tone, that way you can create an expectation among your followers even when it comes to the caption itself.

Vary the Type of Content

In addition to regular posts in the form of an image, there are a number of different types of content on Instagram today. Video posts, stories, reels, the list goes on and on. Although the level of engagement has dropped slightly for traditional posts, it is important to be aware that it has only spread out across the different forms of content. Therefore, to get more likes on Instagram, it is important to vary the type of content you post, if possible.

Invite People Behind the Scenes

It is not always important to present a perfect facade. While your main content should be thoughtful and well-produced, sometimes you can invite your followers behind the scenes. This way, you can bring your audience into the process and provide a more transparent view of your business. Not only can this type of post result in a lot of likes on Instagram, it can help your followers appreciate your work on another level.

Don’t Just Focus On Selling

Sometimes it can become too obvious if all your posts are about advertising or selling something. Even if you're using Instagram for marketing purposes, it's a good idea to also post content that is purely about getting more engagement. This could be anything from cool pictures to funny videos or inspiring stories.

To analyze and understand the best time to post on Instagram for likes is key to being successful.

My Instagram posts are not getting likes

Users have been asking themselves "How to get lots of likes on Instagram?" ever since the platform was launched. While there are a variety of techniques and strategies for getting likes on Instagram, anyone who has ever tried to grow on the platform knows that it's not always easy to get engagement on your posts. But whether you're promoting a brand or just posting mundane pictures, there can be various reasons why you’re getting less likes on Instagram.

You’re Posting at the Wrong Time

If you publish Swedish posts and want users from Sweden to see and pay attention to them, you need to make sure that you publish your posts when Swedes are actually online on Instagram. This means that if you publish your posts at night, for example, there is a big risk that no one will be reached by them.

You Don’t Write Good Enough Captions

A poorly engaging text for your posts is also a potential factor in not getting likes on Instagram. A visitor who sees your post is far more likely to engage with it if you have an interesting caption that complements your image. This entices them to spend more time and increases the chances of them leaving a like. Take advantage of attractive emojis, ask questions, use quotes and be creative.

Your Posts Are Too Low Quality

If your posts aren't up to par with your competitors, chances are you're missing out on a lot of likes. You may need to review your arsenal of image editing tools, get better at taking pictures or upgrade your camera. Although Instagram itself offers some tools for editing your photos, it's always better to use professional software dedicated to creating professional-looking images.

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Also, don't just post images or videos that focus solely on presenting your products. While these types of posts are also important, you should also try to publish content that, for example, demonstrates how the products work or involves your followers in your processes. This way, your profile becomes less of a billboard and you build a stronger relationship with your audience.

You Are Not Active Enough

Why do i get no likes on Instagram while I’m still posting great content? If you don't publish new posts on a regular basis, there's a high risk of your followers losing interest. If you go from writing new posts daily to your followers barely hearing from you anymore, you will most likely be forgotten. To avoid this, be consistent in how often you post new content and make sure you plan your posts in advance. For example, you can schedule posts if you know you'll be away for the next few days.

You May Have Been Shadowbanned

If you don't get any likes on Instagram, it may simply be because you have been shadowbanned. This means that Instagram has deliberately limited how your posts appear and perform on the platform. A common reason for this is if you have used software to automatically like or comment on other people's posts, in order to get likes and followers on Instagram yourself. It could also be because you have used bad hashtags, which are associated with inappropriate content or spam. But sometimes your engagement start to decline and you start wondering why am i getting less likes on Instagram all of a sudden? As a matter of fact, you can actually face the infamous shadow-ban simply by being too active on the platform.

You Can Also Buy Instagram Likes

One of the easiest ways to get a lot of likes on Instagram quickly is simply to buy them. To buy Instagram likes, you just need to register an account on our website. Then you buy credits, which you then use to buy the number of likes you want for a post of your choice. Even if the likes you buy don't come from a particularly devoted following, buying likes can help ensure that genuinely interested and genuine visitors also choose to like your posts. A post that already has many likes tends to perform better and attract further engagement.