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Vanliga frågor

How Can You Help Me Get More Comments on Instagram?

The easiest way to get more comments on Instagram is simply by buying them. It's a cheap, simple and easy way to increase engagement on a post. To buy comments from us, simply register an account and buy credits. Then select the Comments service under the Instagram category and enter the comments and the link to the post.

How Do I Get More Instagram Comments for Free?

There are many proven strategies and methods to get more comments on your posts. Although it is free from a cost perspective, it may require hard work and continuity. In the article below, you can read more about the different approaches to getting more comments on Instagram.

How to Get More Comments on Instagram

For those who are not glued to Instagram, or any other social media platform for that matter, you may not have noticed that there have been some changes to the network's algorithms. It's not uncommon for some of the posts you see to be just a few minutes old, while others were made days ago.

In recent years, social media has shifted to showing content that people are more likely to be interested in, regardless of when it was posted. This has made marketing on social channels more difficult, as many organic posts are more likely to be lost in the feeds. People are now more likely to see a post from family and friends than they are to see advertisements from companies.

Is is important to understand how to get comments on Instagram in order to reach the explore page.

However, there are a variety of factors that influence the priority of a post and marketing content still has a chance to overcome the algorithms. How many likes, comments and other forms of engagement a post has are all important metrics when it comes to ranking high in feeds. In addition, posts from brands are more likely to appear in a feed if the user has previously interacted with the company.

Steps to Prepare

Before you start focusing on how to get more comments on Instagram, there are some necessary steps to take when it comes to your account. First of all, you should always make sure that your profile is public and not private, so that new potential followers can see your content. Next, you need to make sure that push notifications are activated, so that you can immediately find out if one of your posts has received a comment and you can respond as quickly as possible.

But don't forget that no matter how good you are at interacting and working on your profile, there is a big risk that no one will be interested in your content if it is of low quality. You should always make sure to use fresh new ideas, videos and images to keep your posts as relevant and engaging as possible.

As mentioned earlier, the timing of posts plays an important role, even for those who use Instagram for marketing purposes. Usually, you shouldn't post more than one post a day and experiment with what time of the day that brings the best results. In addition to keeping track with the help of your own calendar, you can schedule posts in advance to make sure that they are posted at the right time.

Strategies to Get More Comments on Instagram

Likes, views and comments are all valuable metrics for a post on Instagram as they affect how a post appears in users' feeds. If things go really well, a post can also be found on the explore page if enough users interact with it. Getting more Instagram comments is an important cornerstone in terms of exposure for your post. An easy and quick method is to buy Instagram comments, but there are of course a variety of measures and strategies to increase the number of comments.


You've probably encountered it yourself. A common approach is to organize some kind of contest or giveaway of a product or service in a fun and easy way. By asking users to interact with a post to participate, you can easily get not only many comments but also new followers or more likes and views. In addition to commenting directly on the post, you can ask users to post their own pictures or videos mentioning your brand.

Ask For Engagement

Sometimes it doesn't have to be harder than just asking for more comments. Try creating a shareable post and asking users to answer a question or tag their friends. Not only is this a really fun way to interact with your audience, but it can also lead to more comments on Instagram.

More comments on your Instagram posts mean more engagement, which is crucial to reach more users.

Provoke, Surprise or Entertain

Many of the most viral posts have been found to have one thing in common: they evoke strong emotions. Evoking a sense of joy is, of course, a surefire way to make a post stand out from the crowd. But it is also not uncommon for a post to first create an expectation to then surprise the visitor and arouse curiosity or uncertainty. Which emotions a post should focus on depends, of course, on the type of profile you are working with.

Use Video Posts

More and more of the time we spend on social media is spent watching videos. Posting a video post instead of an image is an easy way to get users to stop scrolling and be captivated for a minute. The demand for videos is growing on social media and if you manage to share something exciting and ask for comments in the text, you are likely to get more comments.

Use the Right Hashtags

Making sure that your posts are published with relevant hashtags is important as this will make your posts visible in popular searches and on the explore page. Posts that use hashtags have been shown to receive more comments than posts that do not take advantage of this feature. It's a handy strategy for exposing posts to users who are related to the specific topic of the post.

When Posts Are Published Matters

The best time to publish a post on Instagram or on social media in general, has long been a big debate. The reason why there are different opinions is simply because it can vary depending on the niche you operate in and the type of content you create. The best thing to do is to experiment. Start by posting at different times and try to find a pattern of what time is most engaging.

Respond to Followers’ Comments

By always responding to your followers' comments, it helps to create a greater sense of community and a genuine interest in what your audience has to say. Furthermore, when a follower receives a reply to their comment, the conversation is likely to continue and the post will receive more comments. Users who see active discussions are usually more likely to participate or ask new questions themselves.

There are endless strategies to get Instagram comments and other social media platforms.

Use Emojis and Make the Caption More Attractive

The text, in combination with the hashtags you choose to use, will help you stand out in search results and generate engagement. But it's emojis that capture users' attention. The more eyes a text attracts, the more comments it gets on Instagram. But you should always make sure that the emojis you choose to use are actually meaningful and relevant to your content and business. However, be careful not to overuse them, as excessive amounts of emojis can have a negative effect.

Be Consistent

Regardless of which social channels you use to market yourself, a profile that actively updates its content and publishes new posts on a regular basis is much more attractive than one that gives the impression of only being updated occasionally. Posts from a profile that does not work actively risk drowning in the feeds. But by always making sure you have new posts ready to go, along with posting at the right time of day, the chances of your posts getting more comments on Instagram increase.