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Vanliga frågor

Can I Buy Instagram Comments for a Private Profile?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase comments for a profile that is private. In order for us to see and deliver the service, the account needs to be public throughout the delivery period. However, it is possible to change the profile to private after the order has been delivered.

Can I Decide What the Comments Look Like?

Absolutely! When you place an order for Instagram comments with us, you enter each comment manually. This has many advantages, not only do you control the direction of the discussion, you also set the tone for future comments. The only limitation is that comments cannot contain @ or #.

Is It Safe to Buy Comments for Instagram?

We will neither need access to your Instagram account nor need any sensitive information from you. All we need is the link to the post you want your comments on and that your account is not private.

How Many Comments Can I Buy?

There are no restrictions on how many comments you can buy. But it may be a good idea to keep the number credible in relation to the number of likes or other forms of engagement.

How Do You See Comments on Instagram?

Comments on Instagram can be found in the comments section below a post. If you want to find previous comments you have made, the easiest way to do so is to go to the Your activity page in the main menu of your profile. There you can select the subpage Comments under the category Interactions. Here you will find all the comments you have posted, including the comment you replied to.

How to Delete Comments on Instagram?

On other users' posts, you can delete your own comments by holding down your finger on the comment and then clicking on the trash can in the top right corner. If you are using Instagram in your browser, hover your mouse over the comment, click the three dots icon on the right and then click Delete.

Can I Delete Other People’s Comments on Instagram?

Only the user who has written a comment can delete it. But when it comes to your own posts on Instagram, it is possible to delete both your own and other users' comments.

Is It Possible to Turn off Comments on Instagram?

Yes, it is possible to turn off comments for an individual post both before and after it is published. If you turn off comments on a post with existing comments, they will be saved and reappear if you open the post. This is easily done by going into the settings of the post. To disable comments before publishing a post, the setting can be found under Advanced settings.

How Long Can a Comment Be On Instagram?

As with captions, comments are limited to 2200 characters. In addition to the number of characters, there is also a limit on the number of comments you can make per day, which ranges up to 200.

How Do I Edit a Comment on Instagram?

On Instagram, it is not possible to edit a comment that you have already published. What you can do, however, is to delete the original comment and write a new one. This can be done both in the app and through the website.

Why Don’t I See Any Comments on Instagram?

There can be several reasons why you don't see any comments under another user's post. One of the most common reasons is that the account owner of the post has chosen to turn off comments on the content in question.

Why Can’t I Comment on Instagram?

On Instagram, users have the ability to comment on images and other forms of posts. However, the platform is constantly working to prevent spam and fake comments. Sometimes it happens that ordinary innocent users are also affected, and then it is usually just a matter of restarting the app or waiting for a while.

Buy Instagram Comments and Choose the Text Yourself

Instagram is used by millions of users for various purposes. Entertainment, communication, but above all for the promotion of companies and their products. It is precisely because of its huge user base that Instagram has become such a popular alternative when it comes to online advertising or keeping in touch with customers. A strong brand not only has many followers, but also a high level of engagement on its content in the form of likes, views and comments.

The comments section of an Instagram post can sometimes be overshadowed by more popular and measurable interactions such as likes or views. Actually leaving a written comment on a post requires significantly more effort compared to simply hitting the like button or following an account. People tend to write comments only if they are highly engaged with a piece of content. Given how many posts the average user reads per day, it would be very time-consuming to leave comments on all of them.

To buy Instagram comments is luckily a very easy task to do these days.

This means that comments on Instagram are generally valued more highly by the algorithms, which also makes them more desirable for businesses, influencers or other users who want to promote themselves on the platform. As such, comments are a unique form of engagement that itself can drive further interest for a post. In fact, it is also possible to like comments on Instagram. Usually, the comments with the most likes appear at the top of the comment box and are also visible directly in users' feeds. Sometimes a single top comment can be enough to start discussion and increase engagement for a post.

Why Users Choose to Buy Comments on Instagram

A comment on Instagram is unique and represents an opinion from a user on a specific topic. You will find them under every post and are available for everyone to see, which is why comments on Instagram have become so important. The ability to directly reply to a comment was recently introduced, which has further increased engagement in the comments section.

There is actually a limit to how long a comment on Instagram is allowed to be.

But while comments are an important form of engagement for content on the platform, it doesn't mean that all comments are positive or in your favor. They can be hurtful, critical or questioning in a negative way. To buy Instagram comments is an easy way to steer the discussion in a preferred direction. In addition, it is an easy way to save both time and effort in creating the kind of content that makes people want to engage to the point that they more or less feel compelled to comment on the post.

Having a lot of comments on Instagram is just as important as a large number of followers, it should be on your radar when it comes to increasing the interest and level of engagement for your profile. In other words, it is no longer just to buy Instagram followers that is of great importance. Today's algorithms also take into account the engagement of your posts, including the number of comments. An account with many followers but few comments on its posts will not perform as well in the feeds or search results.

The Benefits of Buying Instagram Comments

To increase your company's reach or visibility, it is quite common to buy Instagram likes for your posts. But what is often forgotten is to complement likes with comments. Not only does it make you look more credible, but buying comments for Instagram can have a number of different benefits. But don't forget that, to get more comments on Instagram, you should still have your main focus on producing high quality content.

Increasing Visibility on the Platform

After all, almost everything is about being more visible. It doesn't matter how good your posts are if no one sees them. Increasing your visibility is one of the major reasons why people buy services for social media. Posts on Instagram benefit from a higher level of engagement, including comments. Therefore, in addition to likes and comments, it can also be a good idea to buy Instagram views if the post is a video.

Buying Instagram comments can increase the visibility of your post and increase the chances of it appearing in users' feeds and on the explore page. This in turn can lead to an account being exposed to an increasingly wide audience and attract additional potential organic followers, likes or comments.

Build up Social Proof

In fact, people are more likely to interact with a profile that already appears to be popular. Therefore, purchased comments can attract genuine users with a genuine interest in your page on Instagram to leave authentic comments. If a post has no or very few comments, other users tend to be less interested in engaging.

Did you know that you can buy comments for your Instagram posts and choose the text written yourself?

But a post with a higher number of comments, combined with other signals such as followers and likes, can serve as an indicator to potential followers that you already have an engaged audience. This increases the likelihood that they will choose to interact with your account. A sense of popularity and social proof can be extremely valuable on a platform like Instagram.

Get a Head Start

Anyone who has ever been responsible for promoting an account on Instagram probably knows how incredibly difficult it can be to get new followers and likes. What's more, getting them to like or comment on posts can require a lot of creative work. By buying comments on Instagram, you can speed up discussions and get other users to participate and share their thoughts on a post that might otherwise have flown under the radar. It's an easy way to get a slight edge in this noise of fierce competition.

Strengthen Your Brand’s Credibility

An Instagram account whose posts have more engagement sends a positive signal to visitors, potential followers and customers. It indicates a good reputation, trust and strong credibility for a brand, company or profile. When a user sees that your post is getting a lot of attention, they are more likely to trust your brand and more likely to see you as an authority in your field. These are important pillars of success in attracting additional followers and potential customers.

Sometimes the right thing is to turn off the possibility to comment on your Instagram posts.

How to Buy Comments on Instagram

Thanks to our services, buying Instagram comments has never been easier. All you have to do is register an account with us, which you quickly and easily verify through your email. Then you load your account with credits, which can be purchased via SMS, PayPal and Payson. Once the credits are in your account, just go to the "Instagram" category and select the "Comments" service. You tailor the comments yourself and write them in the respective fields. Then just enter the link to the post where you want the comments to appear and place your order.

Tips for Good Comments on Instagram

Even though you can increase the number of comments on a post by just writing simple comments, there is more potential than that to create discussion and increase interaction. For example, instead of writing a simple emoji, you can formulate a relevant and open-ended question to engage your followers and encourage longer and more detailed answers. A good comment can also consist of tips or advice about a product or service.

How you choose to respond to your followers' comments can also have a big impact on the engagement of the post. Respond personally but still professionally. Show appreciation and never be afraid to ask for opinions. Always make sure to be active on the platform and respond to followers' comments as soon as possible to show that you are engaged and interested in interacting with your followers.